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The World Championship Page

When it comes to snooker the World Championship is something very special. No other tournament approaches the prestige and importance of this traditional event. Joe Davis has won it 15 (!) times. Stephen Hendry has "only" managed seven. Here's a list of all the world championship stuff I have ... and then some!

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This Year's Tournament (2019)

Last Year's Tournament (2018)

Years Gone By

World Championship Links

Here is a list of sites on the web that usually have info on the World Snooker Championship or cover it when in progress.

  • Eurosport
    Eurosport shows loads of hours from the championship, both on TV and online.

  • The BBC
    The BBC have the exclusive broadcasting rights for the championship. The complete coverage includes a live webcast for UK viewers.

  • Sporting Life
    Sporting Life is a very up to date sports news service. They have a separate page with all the World Championship stuff; the latest news, draw, timetable, profiles, betting and live scoring. Constantly updated.

  • World Snooker
    Complete coverage. Live scores updated shot-by-shot, news, schedules etc.

  • Snookerbacker
    A fun look at the world of snooker with some insightful articles to boost.

  • CueTracker
    Stats, stats and stats
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Last Modified: September 26, 2019