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UK Championship 1996

Preston Guild Hall, England (Nov 15 - Dec 1, 1996
Ranking tournament (No.3 of 10)

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Stephen Hendry defeats John Higgins 10-9 in the final to win his third UK title in a row. All in all he has now won five UK Championships, 26 ranking events and 68 major tournaments. He gets 70,000 for the victory and another 5,000 for the highest televised break, a 140. This takes his career earnings to 4,962,977.

From 8-4 down John Higgins won five frames in a row before Hendry won the final two frames without conceding a single point. He really handles pressure superbly this brilliant Scot!

Higgins received 37,000 for the runner-up position.


(Players are English unless stated)


Stephen Hendry (Scotland) 10-9 John Higgins (Scotland)

32-72 78-32 105-14 16-65 80-28 108-8 115-14 36-70 4-93
73-4 61-33 108-0 59-66 39-68 32-96 29-62 12-62 82-0 77-0


Stephen Hendry (Scotland) 9-1 Alan McManus (Scotland)
John Higgins (Scotland)   9-3 Ken Doherty (Ireland)


Stephen Hendry (Scotland) 9-5 Paul Hunter
Ken Doherty (Ireland)     9-3 Alain Robidoux (Canada)
Alan McManus (Scotland)   9-8 John Parrott
John Higgins (Scotland)   9-6 Mark J Williams (Wales)

Third round

Stephen Hendry (Scotland) 9-1 Anthony Hamilton
Paul Hunter               9-7 Terry Murphy (N.Ireland)
Alan McManus (Scotland)   9-5 Billy Snaddon (Scotland)
John Parrott              9-6 Joe Johnson
Alain Robidoux (Canada)   9-8 Karl Broughton
Ken Doherty (Ireland)     9-5 Steve Davis
Mark J Williams (Wales)   9-4 Nigel Bond
John Higgins (Scotland)   9-8 Tony Drago (Malta)

Second round

Stephen Hendry (Scotland) 9-5 Robert Milkins
Anthony Hamilton          9-8 David Gray
Paul Hunter               9-5 James Wattana (Thailand)
Terry Murphy (N.Ireland)  9-6 Mick Price
Alan McManus (Scotland)   9-7 Gary Wilkinson
Billy Snaddon (Scotland)  9-7 Rod Lawler
Joe Johnson               9-6 Tai Pichit (Thailand)
John Parrott              9-8 Martin Clark
Karl Broughton            9-6 Chris Small (Scotland)
Alain Robidoux (Canada)   9-6 Stephen Lee
Steve Davis               9-7 Shokat Ali (Pakisatn)
Ken Doherty (Ireland)     9-4 Dennis Taylor (N.Ireland)
Nigel Bond                9-6 Joe Swail (N.Ireland)
Mark J Williams (Wales)   9-3 Yasin Merchant (India)
Tony Drago (Malta)        9-5 Andy Hicks
John Higgins (Scotland)   9-5 Marcus Campbell (Scotland)

First round

Stephen Hendry (Scotland)  9-6 Dominic Dale (Wales)
Robert Milkins             9-3 Neal Foulds
David Gray                 9-6 Dave Harold 
Anthony Hamilton           9-3 Quinten Hann (Australia)
James Wattana (Thailand)   9-3 Jon Birch
Paul Hunter                9-0 Willie Thorne
Terry Murphy (N.Ireland)   9-7 Ronnie O'Sullivan 
Mick Price                 9-6 Eddie Manning
Alan McManus (Scotland)    9-6 Ian Sargeant (Wales)
Gary Wilkinson             9-2 Brian Morgan
Billy Snaddon (Scotland)   9-6 Darren Morgan (Wales)
Rod Lawler                 9-5 Darren Clarke
Tai Pichit (Thailand)      9-7 Jimmy White 
Joe Johnson                9-8 Dene O'Kane (New Zealand)
John Parrott               9-4 Noppadon Noppachorn (Thailand)
Martin Clark               9-6 Tony Jones
Karl Broughton             9-8 Peter Ebdon 
Chris Small (Scotland)     9-4 David Roe
Alain Robidoux (Canada)    9-7 Jason Weston
Stephen Lee                9-3 Jason Prince (N.Ireland)
Steve Davis                9-5 Jamie Burnett (Scotland)
Shokat Ali (Pakistan)      9-4 Jason Ferguson
Ken Doherty (Ireland)      9-2 Nick Pearce
Dennis Taylor (N.Ireland)  9-5 Peter Lines
Nigel Bond                 9-0 Paul Wykes
Joe Swail (N.Ireland)      9-8 Mark King
Mark J Williams (Wales)    9-3 Tony Chappel (Wales)
Yasin Merchant (India)     9-5 Dave Finbow
Tony Drago (Malta)         9-4 Alan Burnett (Scotland)
Andy Hicks                 9-4 Nick Terry
John Higgins (Scotland)    9-8 Steve Newbury (Scotland)
Marcus Campbell (Scotland) 9-6 Steve James

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